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With the ever-increasing dependency on outsourcing or vendors, it is imperative for businesses to manage risks posed by third parties. Leaving the backdoor unlocked is simply not an option. 

Trust is a wonderful thing, but organisations really need to know how well each other handle security so they can keep themselves and their clients’ safe. And this is where Third-party Security Assessment (TPSA) comes in.

According to HBR, over 60% of reported attacks in 2017 were launched through the IT systems of suppliers or other third parties such as contractors

TPSA will: 

  • Ensure compliance GDPR, PCI, NIS, ISO27001, etc
  • Identify potential risk you are inheriting from vendors’ s accountability
  • Use assessment results to improve your third party service providers’ accountability
  • Evaluate potential partners earlier in your relationship and make better business decisions
  • Minimize inherited risk from potential and existing partners
  • Provide transparency with metrics and reporting on vendor security risk to your executive team

DigiSôter Services

  • Identifying third parties that pose a risk
  • Categorization of those parties
  • Development of the assessment methodology for the third parties
  • Carrying out the assessments
  • Reporting on the results
  • Optional:
  1. On-Site review
  2. Continuous Monitoring
  3. Penetration/Vulnerability testing

 DigiSôter TPSA as-a-service will  enable you to focus resources on strategic tasks but still reduce risks while monitoring compliance.

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