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Who are we?

DigiSôter is a consulting firm focusing on risk management, information security and IT management.
DigiSôter is a diverse mix of talented people who have created a successful, rewarding place to work. We believe in what we do and our ability to make a difference. Our emphasis on collaboration and intellectual autonomy encourages leadership throughout the organization.
We embrace openness, diversity and transparency. You’ll get the chance to work closely with our team who are truly expert in their domains, who will take ownership of your problems, solved them and transfer knowledge.
As a vendor agnostic business we are able to effectively and honestly engage with business executives and provide advice, guidance and services in a way that is most appropriate for their organisation. We ensure that proposed solutions are aligned with our clients’ strategy, business objectives and the wider IT architecture.
While we’re obsessed with our vision, we truly believe that collaboration, diversity and not taking ourselves too seriously is key for constantly experimenting and learning together.

Why work with us?

We are hands-on. That means we are not just consultants delivering advices. We deliver end-to-end complex solutions. We work our hardest to resolve our clients’ problems, not just meet their requirements.

We are People Persons

Every great project requires a great person behind it. We commit to having staff of energetic and cooperative people alike. It really matters to us.

Focused, Yet Flexible Across Multiple Industries

We are expert in Risk management, Cybersecurity, IT strategy & Governance. Yet our expertise and capabilities are always adaptable to serve new industries and their unique needs.




Our Management team

Luc Castan


Luc Castan

Leader leveraging technology opportunities to consistently contribute to strategic ambitions with an agile/continuous improvement mindset/attitude.

Strategic contributor & problem solver leading multidisciplinary teams, coaching people and teams, building trusted partnership with external stakeholders. Mantra “Do not reinvent the wheel and keep it simple”.

Philippe Cornette


Senior Business & IT manager who marries in-depth knowledge of technology with sound business and commercial sense: Digital transformation, Risk management, Cyber Security, GDPR, Business intelligence & Big Data, IT Governance, Cloud computing,…

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+32 2 318.12.71

Bd Général Jacques 160 B1050 Bruxelles, Belgium

Bd Général Jacques 160 B1050 Bruxelles, Belgium

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