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Third-Party Security & Risk Assessment

Third Party Security Assessment (TPSA) methodology ensures organisations can assess the maturity of third parties, identifying key risks and documenting prioritised recommendations to help manage or mitigate information, cyber or privacy risks. 


Our TPSA Solutions

  • 63% of data breaches linked to a third-party component
  • 56% of companies have experienced a 3rd-party breach in 2017
  • Data security laws and regulators increasingly require Banks & Insurance companies to perform sufficient oversight of their third-party vendor’s data security protocols
  •  By 2020, 75% of Fortune Global 500 companies will treat vendor risk management as a Board-level initiative (Source: Gartner)

Customer needs

  • Gain active assurance that suppliers are protecting their data
  • Reduce the risk of information security incidents
  • Make managers more aware of the supplier risks
  • Standardised assessment methods ensure a consistent approach to measuring supplier risk
  • Compliance with legal and policy requirements
  • Enable informed decision making when selecting new supplier

DigiSôter Services

  1. Identifying third parties that pose risk
  2. Categorization of those parties
  3. Development of the assessment methodology for the third parties
  4. Carrying out the assessments
  5. Reporting on the results

DigiSôter TPSA as-a-service

  1. Enable you to focus resources on strategic tasks
  2. A risk-based approach helps you reduce risks while monitoring compliance
  3. Continuously monitor your ecosystem

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