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IT & Security Risk Management

Risk-based approaches to information security allow organizations to adopt strategies that are tailored to their unique operating environment, threat landscape and business objectives.

IT Strategy, architecture and governance

We can help your organization develop and execute an effective IT strategy aligned with your Business needs.

Cybersecurity Strategy, architecture and governance

We can help your organization develop and execute an effective Cybersecurity strategy aligned with your Business needs.

CISO, DPO and Risk As-a-Service

It allows your organisation to cost-effectively access strategic security experience and technical skills, gaining all the benefits without the capital expenditure.



DigiSôter is a consulting firm focusing on risk management, information security and IT management.
DigiSôter is a diverse mix of talented people who have created a successful, rewarding place to work. We believe in what we do and our ability to make a difference. Our emphasis on collaboration and intellectual autonomy encourages leadership throughout the organization.

New threat-based Vulnerability Prioritization service.

[Live Webinar] June 17 | 11:30 am CET Can we realistically embark on digital acceleration without understanding and monitoring our cyber risks? In order to respond to the sophistication of cyber-attacks, businesses face complex challenges.  The number of...

New Threat-based Vulnerability Prioritization service

DigiSôter is proposing a new Threat-based Vulnerability Prioritization service.

As your company’s attack surface continues to grow, you must focus remediation efforts on the vulnerabilities that matter most – the vulnerabilities that would be exploited by hackers in an attack.

Cybersecurity Trends Survey

Participate to our Cybersecurity Trends survey.  This survey is completely anonymous. The results will be published on our website. You can also receive a free report if you let our email address at the end of the survey (optional).  

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

The Incident Response Plan It is natural for all organisations to encounter difficulties in their activities. When something unexpected happens, such as a cyber-incident, it can be difficult to know how to react. Having an incident response plan in place is an...

If “necessity is the mother of invention”, COVID-19 forces SMEs to reinvent themselves.

The current COVID-19 crisis is just a large-scale reminder that companies are constantly facing changes that threaten their bottom line - some minor, some major. By being agile, flexible and resilient, you will be better positioned to overcome these challenges as they...

The future of SMEs will be digital or will not be

Digitalisation is one of the main challenges if not the biggest challenge at the moment, especially for SMEs. Even if your business model is working great, even if you feel like you’re in control, you need to have a mindset of transformation and innovation, and IT should be right in the thick of it.

Identity Access Management (IAM) Challenges, Myths and Realities

Your Challenges Digitalisation is multiplying the number of applications used by organisations and as a consequence is putting more pressure on the organisation to resolve their Identity and Access Management challenges. The main challenges and complaints related to...

Cybersecurity: the right reflexes when it comes to teleworking

In response to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), many companies are asking their employees to work from home. However, this pauses new challenges for companies and creates a very opportunistic situation for hackers and phishers. Teleworking means an increase in the...

Coronavirus: Is your organisation ready for work from home?

People working from home during coronavirus crisis are at greater risk of being HACKED due to weak computer security settings  If teleworking is anticipated, it can be completely secure. But with the current epidemic, the number one risk is the sudden and widespread...

CISO as-a-service

CISO as-a-service - Executive Security Leadership on Demand CISO as-a-service is a service designed to make top-tier security experts available to organisations who need security expertise and guidance but cannot afford or need a full-time CISO. It provides you with...

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