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After Covid19, the new normal for SMEs must be digital.

The reality we live in is that digitalisation should become a state of mind.

Failing to do this will leave SMEs as mere spectators of an entirely new world unfolding before them.

Some areas SMEs should explore :

  • Evolution of prospecting methods (lead generation, social selling) and online sales,
  • Digital stock management and automation of ordering, delivery and other processes…
  • Digitalisation of payment methods, simplification of transactions, …
  • Electronic signature of contracts, validation of quotations, …
  • Digital organisation of work (teleworking; remote and secure access to company databases; shared electronic agenda; automation of repetitive tasks; collaborative project management, etc.),
  • Electronic sending of quotes and invoices…

 Where to start :

  1. Initiate your strategic thinking
  2. Involve your employees
  3. Set a course and create a roadmap
  4. Identify & Plan priority projects
  5. Deploy the right digital tools
  6. Test to learn better

If you need guidance, our Digital Transformation team will help you to evolve on this subject without disrupting everything. As a specialist in the digital transition, DigiSôter brings you solutions for :

  • Modernize and secure the information systems of SMEs
  • Enhance the value of your business
  • Gain in performance in your strategic areas

Let us show you the value of our services. Contact us today!

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