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[Live Webinar] June 17 | 11:30 am CET

Can we realistically embark on digital acceleration without understanding and monitoring our cyber risks?

In order to respond to the sophistication of cyber-attacks, businesses face complex challenges.  The number of vulnerabilities has almost doubled in the past two years. But the number of vulnerabilities exploited is only a small fraction of the total. Getting a clear picture of your entire attack surface, so you can effectively respond to the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to your organization, requires a new approach.

In this webinar, we’ll share with you a way to better understand your cyber risks and better protect yourself against cyber-attacks.

Join us to discover:

  • How to progressively understand the cyber risks of your critical assets
  • How to continuously test your security controls and prioritize your corrective actions according to the impact on your activities
  • How to validate the effectiveness of preventive measures taken and ensure that vulnerabilities are addressed with a quick and manageable approach

Register here: https://go.pcysys.com/can-we-realistically-embark-on-digital-acceleration-without-understanding-and-monitoring-our-cyber-risks

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