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Covid-19 Solidarity offer for SMEs

During the containment period linked to the Covid-19 health crisis, many organisations (companies, local authorities, associations, etc.) had to interrupt their activity or at best partially maintain it, sometimes resorting to teleworking on a massive or even improvised basis. At the same time, and as feared, cybercriminal activities have intensified in order to take advantage of this situation of fragility of organizations and their employees.

Europol observes a sharp increase in cyber-attacks, mainly through massive e-mail phishing campaigns or the spread of malware and ransom software via links and attachments.

As part of the current containment, DigiSôter offers you

6 months of free Cyber Protection

(anti-virus, mailbox & website protection, automatic patching, dashboard…) in order to protect your company when it is most exposed.

Free access to this service for a period of 6 months with no obligation to purchase!

No credit card required to register by following the link below

All-in-one cyber security solution

Innovative SaaS solution that integrates several complementary cyber security technologies working synergistically within a cloud platform.

Turnkey solution

Activate your protection in a few minutes. Online subscription, no technical skills required, zero installation or configuration effort. 




Active protection against all web-based cyber-attacks

Complete protection against all web cyber-attacks (DoS, DDoS, SQL injection, XSS, RFI / LFI, Directory Traversal, …) targeting your site, data and transactions.


HTTPS Security

Guarantee the identity of your site and establish secure communications with your customers. Secure SSL/TLS configuration and SSL/TLS Digital Certificate lifecycle management.


Malware protection

Whatever the attack vector (website, email, USB key, …), your company is protected against any compromise by a malicious program (ransomware, crypto-miner, …).



Multi-vector protection

Protect your company’s activities against all cyber attacks targeting and spreading via your website, emails and Windows/MacOS workstations.


Real time dashboard

All statistics on suspicious and malicious activities are aggregated in a single dashboard. A monthly statistical report is sent by email.


Give your business the cyber security it deserves!

The OZON SaaS solution offers comprehensive protection against all cyber threats (hackers, fraudsters, malicious robots, scanners and malware) targeting your websites, emails and desktops.

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